Millennials vs. Boomers: Finding Common Ground

Note: Originally published in Marquis Messages. Often amusing, sometimes infuriating, and only occasionally insightful, editorial pieces are constantly popping up about the cultural struggle between Baby Boomers and Millennials. While different in style or premise, they all invariably reveal one thing that’s true for both sides: most of us are terrible communicators. “But Sarah,” you […]

Is This Current? And Other Website Concerns…

Note: Originally published in Marquis Messages. At the risk of dating myself, I’ll admit that I remember a time before the Internet was a thing we all had – a time when dial-up connections were only available in affluent households, when getting online was reserved for conducting business or researching for school. Hardly anyone had […]

Social Channels? Not Optional.

Note: Originally published in Marquis Messages. Are you one of those leaders who scoff at Twitter, laugh at LinkedIn, badmouth Facebook, and ignore Instagram? I’ve got news for you: social media is no longer optional for businesses that want to continue to grow. Why? Because those channels are where your future customers are looking for […]

5 Things I Learned @ATDps 2015

Note: Originally published on LinkedIn. On Wednesday, I attended the Association for Talent Development (ATD) Puget Sound Chapter’s 2015 Workplace Learning Conference. It was a great experience for a newbie to the field like myself, and I left the event with a new perspective on learning, change, and the future of both in the workplace. […]

Reuse, Revamp, Résumé

It’s late (after 1:30am) here in the Emerald City; I would normally be asleep by now, but I’ve had a late-night rush of inspiration and had to ride the wave of energy. I figured, why not share my success story on the woefully neglected blog I keep meaning to update? I’m officially into my ninth […]

Aging With Technology

I have been using a computer for almost as long as I can remember – you could call me a digital native. I used to need my dad’s help booting games from five-and-a-quarter-inch floppy disks, because at six years old I could never recall the right DOS commands. I could touch-type by nine, started my first Geocities website when I was […]

Digital Clutter

A few weeks ago, I started having some strange browser issues. While doing some basic troubleshooting, I discovered that my OS was not up to date, and naturally set out to fix it. Technology is pretty slick nowadays so you barely have to interrupt your Facebook games to install updates, but I’m old school and […]

The Evolution of Internet Privacy

When I was in college, I kept an online diary. If I started it today, you’d call it a blog, except that I didn’t write about things that might be interesting to other people; mostly, I talked about my feelings, but nothing was sacred. I wrote about anything and everything that crossed my mind or […]